"Caffè Columbia…. non solo caffè"


    "Caffè Columbia…. non solo caffè"

Columbia Coffee in Lugo

Founded in 1973, Columbia Coffee is a coffee roasting plant in Lugo, in the province of Ravenna. We choose the best Arabica coffee from Central America and Robusta coffee from India for our blends. We strive towards smooth and perfect production and sale of our blends with professionalism, passion and dedication.

Our Store

We offer you freshly roasted coffee beans as well as instantly ground coffee in our store. The mixtures of ground coffee are packed immediately with enough vacuum to retain the coffee’s freshness and aroma. 
Immerse yourselves in the world created by the inviting aroma of coffee produced in our factory located right next to the store.

The company

Our Blends

Our goal is to create the best mixes appealing to various tastes and in different forms like beans, capsules or pods based on your specific needs.

Our blends

Much More than Coffee

We offer not only coffee but also a wide range of hot beverages and infusions. Unwind yourself with our selection of teas, fruit infusions and assorted teas.

100% natural

Call us on +39 0545 26770!

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